Black Cats Are NOT Bad Luck. Happy Halloween.

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into a very festive and decorated work. It was fun to see all of the cobwebs and skeletons, and I started feeling the Halloween spirit until I saw this decoration….

Black Cat Halloween

Black Cat Halloween

As if the visual of this decoration wasn’t enough to make black cats seem scary and undesirable, a push button emits a high pitched, scary cat scream. Needless to say, every time someone pushes the button at work, they get an earful from me about black cat injustices.

I guess I never thought about the unfair picture our society paints towards black cats until I adopted my handsome cat Linus. During my first checkup visit to the SFSPCA, the vet commented on how great a cat he was and applauded me for adopting him. Even though black cats are not known for having behavioral issues, our social stigma about them inhibits their adoption rates. If you think this is crazy, check out these articles from the SF Gate and Time magazine. The SF Gate article is specifically about black cats and the Time magazine one is more about black colored pets in general.

Looking back, I do remember my grandmother warning me to watch out if a black cat crossed my path, for it will bring me lots of bad luck. Where did this come from?

In the meantime, I will relish the fact that I adopted one of the best cats around and found him before anyone else did at the SFSPCA. I’ll never forget when I opened the door to his cat condo as a volunteer, I said to myself “oooh how handsome and friendly, I think I’ve found my new kidcat!!!”